An offer of a cruise credit isn’t enough to quell one passenger’s anger over a Panama Canal vacation that she says was marred by construction noise and fumes.

Norwegian Cruise Line has offered guests who were aboard the troubled voyage a full credit of the fare they paid, to be used toward another cruise of their choice before March 31, 2023.

The company says in a statement that the ship underwent “enhancements” and while it does its best to minimize impacts to guests, the recent sailing did not meet its standards.

Cecilia Jenkins was on the cruise with her family and she says construction began almost immediately, complete with strong-smelling fumes and jackhammers.

She says she doesn’t know how to respond to the offer, and at this point she would never take another journey with the company again. She says she wants the company to be accountable for what happened and answer her questions about the air quality on board the ship.

“I would really like ownership of this and the truth,” she said. “I don’t want the next set of passengers that are going to go out on this boat to have the same thing happen to them, or their next boat that’s set for beautification.”

The construction lasted for the entire two-week journey, said Jenkins, from moments after the Norwegian Cruise Line vessel left a dock in Miami to its docking in Los Angeles on Saturday.

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