A friend wrote this poem after hearing about our experience on the cruise — it is far too good not to share!

Hey, everybody, have you heard the news?
Hubby and I were on a construction cruise;
It’s not what we expected nor paid for, as well;
It wasn’t relaxing; it was a vacation from hell!
The Norwegian Cruise Line Panama Canal Cruise,
Didn’t give relaxation, t’was nothing but the blues;
A ‘trip of a lifetime’ was what we paid for,
Not a constant barrage of noise and odours;
It was a mass disappointment with passenger pain;
Which left NCL’s reps with lots to explain,
Are we upset? No, we’re mad as hell!
Disappointed and disillusioned with NCL;
So here’s our warning to you, before booking a cruise,
Avoid NCL, and a cruise of bad news!


By Mike McFetridge