It should be a luxurious ride on the “Norwegian Sun” from Miami to Los Angeles. What the 2,000 passengers experienced during the 16-day journey is more like a vacation on the construction site.

Fresh sea air, the infinite space and calm of the ocean, a bit of luxury – sounds like a classic cruise , right? More than 2,000 passengers have now experienced the opposite: chemicals and dust in the air, closed decks and unbearable construction noise on board.

Without informing the tourists in advance, the shipping company Norwegian Cruise Line used the 16-day cruise to rehabilitate the ship.

Passengers report that several decks have been closed because floor coverings have been extensively sanded and replaced, working with jackhammers had been carried out loudly on one of the decks, even at night, and gases from the chemicals stored on deck had spread on board.

Charles P. O’Dale, a former US Marine soldier, claims in his post that the highly flammable chemicals on deck pose a high safety risk and have been stored incorrectly.

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