I chose this cruise in order to go thorough the Panama Canal and to rest and relax during sea days. The crew attempted to make the travel pleasant.

However, during the entire 15 day cruise, the ship was undergoing heavy construction! Parts of the ship were cordoned off because of the work. Decks were sanded down and varnished. Jackhammers drilled. Parts were painted. Metal shards entered some passenger eyes. Many inhaled toxic fumes from flammable materials. Some people developed skin rashes. Eyes stung.

Those who wanted to relax deck-side next to the pools suffered the most. Invisible air borne particles flew everywhere. Dust debris coated some decks, including the buffet area on deck 11. This means the food was probably contaminated. Lots of coughing occurred. Runny noses. Eye infections as people’s immune systems tried to manage the toxic intake.

All of this construction should have been done at dry dock. Apparently the ship was headed to Canada from Los Angeles for more major work. For re-positioning.

It seems NCL wanted to make a profit on this run from Miami to Los Angeles through its full paying passengers who were not warned that such events would take place during the voyage. Had I known, I would not have opted to join this cruise experience. Most passengers, as well as I, do not understand why NCL would subject its paying customers to hazardous health conditions during a voyage.

Finally, let me add that many areas of the ship were blocked off to passengers including some of the safety areas for de-embarkation in case of emergency. Furthermore, the child’s pool was not available for families. In short, what should have been a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime cruise, became a tainted voyage because of constant worry over health and safety.