Construction started before the Panama Canal cruise!

My husband and I sailed on the March 9-16 Cruise aboard the Norwegian Sun. We were so crowded on the ship because of all the closed sections! The pools and hot tubs were inaccessible as people were laying in the floor all over the pool deck. We tried to take a stroll around but so much was blocked off we kept getting turned back. We had a balcony room so spent most the days on the boat in our room or at the dining hall.

I noticed very early there was something not right about the air in the hall and coming through the ventilation system as I have asthma caused by chemicals. I attributed my symptoms to my sensitivity or over sensitivity to chemicals. I at that time was not aware it was a ship wide problem. I asked the room steward about the fumes and he said little except them must be painting in the lower decks; we were on ten at the front of the boat.

When in my room and trying to sleep, I made a mask from wet wash clothes and tied them around my head at night with a bigger towel to sleep. I had headaches and nausea, and used a lot of asthma meds to make it through.

We spent every minute off the ship that we could, but with the tendering problems it was hard to get on or off at certain ports (i.e.: Cozumel).

We got left behind from our tour in the Grand Cayman, even though we were on NCL’s tender boat. We finally got on a bus with Royal Caribbean people on a lesser tour. Upon complaining, we waited for action. The first person at customer service said we received a 100% discount but on our bill only 50% was credited. Upon speaking with a second customer agent he said 50% was it and didn’t allow any further discussion.

Our trip was not a very good experience. I believe I avoided real lung damage by knowing to make a water filter mask. We had to leave the balcony door open all night and at the front of the ship it was very loud with the waves banging hard on the ship, but at least I didn’t croak! After all this we were offered a 50% discount off the fare only for a future cruise. We decided we would not travel with them again, but we will one more time to use our credit! This was my fourth cruise with NCL and the only one I had any complaints with, but upon arriving home and reading the Panama Canal Cruise problems, I came to know I was breathing toxic chemical as was the whole ship. That’s my story.

Submitted by Cheryl Collins De Almeida.